“Over the past year I have had therapy sessions with Jess for neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Her hands-on treatment gave me the mobility I needed to function without the pain I had been experiencing. Jess also instructed me with yoga poses that I had been doing incorrectly, along with a new workout regime that helped alleviate my pain. Jess's expertise substantially improved the quality of my life without taking drugs or other conventional treatments that had side effects. One major benefit was a diminishing of migraines that I have suffered for years. I'm so very grateful for her intervention in my life. “


“After lifting and moving a very heavy garden pot my back “locked” and it was difficult to even stand up straight and I was in extreme pain! It became a bad case of sciatica as well. After seeing an orthopedic and having x-rays I was sent to the physical therapist related to the physician’s practice, but after three sessions I was in more extreme pain! It was very harsh and actually aggravated the whole condition. I was referred to Jessica by my local practitioner and decided to give her a call, and it was the best decision I made after 5 months of suffering! Jessica uses many modalities to get the body back where it needs to be without painful exercises or stress that can actually make the condition much worse. After only a few sessions I was getting relief from pain and was able to begin doing more and more activities that I could not do before. The sessions were relaxing, comfortable and pain free. She has a wonderful way of releasing pain areas using a gentle touch and techniques that can teach the body how to heal itself by giving it what it needs to “relearn” the proper positions. Jessica is a wonderful, caring person and therapist, she has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her!!"


“I had decompression back surgery more than 10 years ago and found that traditional physical therapy involving exercise equipment did nothing to deal with the pain I was experiencing. I sought out an alternative approach to therapy and was extremely fortunate to have found Jess. She has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and has brought me great relief through manual manipulation of my back and legs. I am far more active and mobile - and have much less pain - than before meeting her.”


“As a healthcare provider, I have referred many patients to Jess for neck, back and/or SI joint pain.She is very courteous, knowledgeable and has provided improvement in pain for many of my patients. As a triathlete, Jess has helped me through many painful conditions which have allowed me to continue to compete. I have seen Jess for lower back, SI joint and knee pain all of which she has helped me work through! I know working with Jess has quickened my recovery with any injury!"


“Jessica has guided me on the road to recovery from 20 years of chronic pain and major tendon repair. I am stronger, more confident, have better balance and more energy. It is extraordinary.”


“I had dealt for years with knee pain arising from injuries and arthritis that limited my ability to do simple things like walk and play golf. I had low expectations that any sort of physical therapy would improve my circumstance, but I found after just a few sessions with Jessica that much of the stiffness and was gone and that I had a freedom of movement that I hadn't experienced in years. I was truly amazed at what a difference her hands and fingers could make for my golf game!”


“In my mid-twenties, I ruptured a disc in my lower back. It was really painful, and it took years to recover. I was lucky. I never needed surgery, and I was referred to a conservative neurologist who prescribed medication and physical therapy. The physical therapy was never something that clicked for me. I didn't get it. There was stretching, but I was really stretchy already. There were a few exercises, but I didn't reap any benefits. Over several years, I also tried chiropractors, and I eventually worked with one and experienced some benefit. When I moved to Wilmington in my thirties, I lost those connections. But, I found yoga! When I got pregnant, I learned even more yoga. My prenatal teacher shared some of her experiences including something like perinatal carpal tunnel. It sounded very unpleasant, but she managed with support from her physical therapist. In the last month of my pregnancy, I started waking up with swollen hands and pain. My experience with physical therapy with Jess Hartmann was very different from my earlier trial. Her manual style of adjustment felt more tuned to what my body needed. Her gentle, professional manner made it easy to learn more about what she was doing and what I could do to help. I felt involved and educated. Sessions with Jess helped make my final weeks of pregnancy much healthier and more comfortable. I confidently recommend Jess to friends and family.”


“While recovering from frozen shoulder surgery, I was prescribed standard physical therapy. The therapist guided a series of exercises with bands or weights over several weeks with little to no oversight. Progress was poor, and it was really painful. I was referred to Jess through my daughter. Jess' approach was entirely hands-on. Her skillful manipulations made me feel like I had been through a strenuous workout, but she did all the work. In a matter of weeks, I experienced a full recovery with more range of motion than I could have hoped. I'm grateful for her talent and skill. A few years later when I developed trouble in my other shoulder, I went to Jess first and avoided surgery completely. I also learned exercises from Jess to keep my range of motion healthy. She is a master of her craft. Jess has my utmost confidence, and I continue to follow her recommendations remaining pain free for several years. Thanks to Jess, I am able to continue holding two babies - one in each arm!”


“As a local Wilmington triathlete I became afflicted with chronic plantar fasciitis. After several months of injections and various remedies, Jess Hartmann put me on a steady path back to the road.”


“When I had a flare up with low back pain I was desperate for help. Jess was the answer to my prayers. She took the time to figure out what was wrong and she worked efficiently to get me comfortable again. She has an expert touch, a listening ear, and the one on one attention was just what I needed to feel relaxed. I highly recommend Jess for your physical therapy needs!”